Gilson Road Cemetery, NH – Odd Flowers

A photographer contacted us on 20 Apr 2002 to report three daffodils tied to a sagging tree branch towards the back of Gilson Road Cemetery, Nashua, NH.

I visited, and he was right about the flowers.  Those are the flowers in the photo, below.  (The branches and rocks aren’t really purple.  It’s just the color of the light, the day I took this picture.)

flowers at Gilson

Why would someone do this? There are several possibilities.

3 flowers at Gilson - another angleOne is for sentimental reasons; there are many unmarked graves at the back of Gilson Road Cemetery.  Someone might know who’s in one of those graves, or feel a connection with one of the rumored ghosts back there.

Perhaps this was done for respect.  After all, it’s a nice thing to do in remembrance of the many people in marked and unmarked graves at this rural cemetery.

Perhaps someone found some flowers and just wanted to do something quirky.

Maybe they used them in a photograph. (I’m pleased with my own photos of the flowers.)

Or, perhaps some prankster thought this would be something strange and noteworthy to do. We’ve seen a lot of that, and generally ignore the efforts.