Hollis, NH – Blood cemetery – Odd, Misty Photograph

In an earlier post about Blood Cemetery, I described an unusual daytime photo with a ‘ghost orb’ in it.

On that same day, at least one other photo was odd.

misty photo at Blood Cemetery
Misty looking photo on a crisp, sunny day. (Blood Cemetery, Hollis, NH)

The black-and-white photo above looks like it was taken on a dreary, misty New England day.

However, our photographer shot it at about 3 p.m. the same day as the rest of the photos on this page, when the sun was still bright and the sky was nearly cloudless.

There was no fog or mist at the graveyard. The trees were nearly leafless, so this wasn’t taken in a shadow.

The cemetery was grassy, with no dusty areas to create a hazy image. It was a warm day (60 degrees F), so there was no mist from the photographer’s breath, and no ground fog.

The photo below — from the same roll of film in the same camera — shows the contrast of the light and the depth-of-field from this camera. This crisp photo was taken within three minutes of the misty-looking one, and no more than thirty feet away in identical lighting conditions.

This is a slightly baffling anomaly. It’s not enough evidence to call Blood Cemetery ‘haunted’, but it’s intriguing. That makes me want to return for further research.