Tinnitus as a Marker – EMF or Alt Realities

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Tinnitus could be another marker, signaling a time or location (or both) where the “veil between the worlds” is thinner,  or access points between realities are available. This could be a temporary opening or something more permanent.

I’m especially interested in whether changes in tinnitus — a persistent or irregular ringing in the ears, commonly affecting about 10% of the population — are just more indication of increase EMF, or distinct markers in themselves. We’ve discussed related topics in several Mandela Effect conversations.

However, I’m not the only person to question whether tinnitus and EMF might be related. For example, people have been discussing the connection at sites such as Tinnitus Talk.

In fact, I may be fairly late to this party, as I’ve found a study that concludes, “Our data indicate that tinnitus is associated with subjective electromagnetic hypersensitivity.”

Also, this very loosely connects with Mr. Stain’s cryptic warnings that included cell phone use. However, I can see another side to the cell phone warning: not that cell phones are causing society’s demise, but that they can trigger normal tinnitus (or numb us to its steady ringing) so we aren’t as aware of the times and places where between-worlds divisions are thinner.

Either way, I’m very interested in what people notice about tinnitus in relation to all kinds of EMF variations, and all kinds of paranormal activity.

This includes perceived volume, pitch, duration, whether it’s predominantly in one ear or the other, and if a compass direction is involved. I’m also looking for patterns in tinnitus changes, related to local time and sidereal time.

This isn’t about tinnitus cures, related medical symptoms, and so on. My interest is fairly narrow, and focusing on any patterns related to paranormal activity (including the Mandela Effect) and perceived tinnitus changes — before, during, or immediately after the event — or in relation to locations associated with sacred sites, ghosts, regular UFO sightings (I’m thinking of the Marfa Lights, etc.), and so on.

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  1. Okay now *this* is fascinating. I have tinnitus – sometimes so bad that I’ve had total brain fog and asked others if they can hear it, too. Leaned my head over and said, “Hey, can you hear this? It’s awful!” I *have* noticed that it’s worse in some locations than it is at others. It also varies with my stress levels, which may or may not also be a factor. I’d like to find out more about this. Thanks for being here.

  2. Hello! I am not sure…but I get the tinnitus..it was getting bad..so i decided to use a crystal wrapped in copper wire and put it on my left side..where i mostly get this..ringing….one time ..it seemed that this contraption..made the tinnitus to dissappear./dissolve .it is hard to explain. But it helps to keep it at bay..

    1. Great information, Renae! Thank you!

      Now, I’m particularly interested in whether or not anything else changes when the tinnitus is relieved by the crystal-plus-wire device.

      That is, do we need tinnitus to encounter anomalies? Does the sound indicate something (external or internal) that’s essential to perceiving (or even experiencing) something not quite aligned with this reality?

      1. I had no idea that this existed until a friend told me about it a couple of hours ago. I started reading about the Tinnitus and am freaking out!! Because i have been experiencing this for about a year now! Had no idea what it was. Now i do!! I’m going to try the crystal wrap and see if it helps. I am in Okeechobee, Fl.. Hope this helps with you map. I do know that there is alien activity in the area for a fact!! I get it real bad at night it gets so loud in my head that it is all i can hear sometimes. Thank you for the work you are doing on this.

  3. It may pay divident if we synthesise the tinnitus sound and play it thru earphones.Something very interesting could occur.

    1. Vivek, that’s a brilliant idea, and an opposition test related to what I suggested in my reply to Renae’s recent comment.

      I’m definitely intrigued by this idea. Thanks!

  4. 6/3/16

    Mandela effect accepted 6/1/16 Started hearing low him yesterday and more today. Intermittent, about 15 minutes in duration. Never had tinnitus. 1:30 pm Florida sounds close to 100hz triangle

  5. I have serious Tinnitus. Having just learned of this site and related ideas. I am more than a little concerned right now.
    I remember Berenstein Bears very clearly because family friends last name is Meyerstein. I will attempt to plot any points related to my tinnitus increases, direction, etc. Sadly my tinnitus may be from shooting lots of ammunition as a kid and being in the Army Artillery. It still seems to fluctuate from unnoticeable to almost unbearable. I will start looking for external relations to it. It seems to have gone from very loud to very quiet while I have been posting this…

  6. Fiona,

    Coming across this post is extremely odd to me because I have had this many times this past month. I just today discovered many of the mandela effects. Berenstein, sex in the city, 51 states, mirror mirror.. I can’t even explain the emotions I’ve felt reading everything the last 5 hours. I have tinnitus often, More lately. I had not ever experienced it before the past year. It went from once every few months to at least 4-5 times a week this past month!

    I have, just over the past 2 months or so been experiencing massive shifts in my own consciousness. I have been seeing 11:34 almost every day, and the number 34 in general even more. I experience sequences of events that lead me to discover information about things like time slips, or bring me to your Mandela effect website. Only to discover I’ve experienced the effect many times.

    I wonder if this ringing has something to do with a shift in energy, not only a sliding through realities but a shift in the energy, and consciousness of the masses. Maybe the ringing is me getting used to the notion of another reality. Maybe it was all leading up to this huge change in my reality, and preparing me for the feeling that my world had crashed in on me for a few hours (Not sure if that’s how everyone experiences the initial finding out, but it’s how it felt to me).

    I usually get it late at night, while laying in bed with no noise. I get it much more often when I am not using any electronics. It last for anywhere from 10-60 seconds and it moves back and froth from ear to ear.

    I have wanted to comment on so many of your posts, but this one I just had to. I am very curious of your opinion on what this could be!

    1. Rachel, I wish I had a simple answer for you, but this is all speculation right now. These shifts and tinnitus seem to correlate, but it could still turn out to be a coincidence.

      Meanwhile, thanks for your data. I’ll add it to what I’m studying. The details are especially useful, as I’m looking for patterns in these reports.

    2. I looked at google’s stats on searched terms, specifically the Mandela Effect, and the first day I did my heavy research on the topic happened to be the same day that happened to have the most searches around the world of that keyword. Feburary 26th I believe?? I forget already, but I too have been experiencing more tinnitus than usual and believe that our energies (and the energies of many others… Do I dare say, around the world?) are definitely shifting. The annoying part is trying to find the pattern.

  7. I’ve been interested in the ME since I first stumbled across the bear annomoly a few months ago. Something inspired me to take a deeper look today and I stumbled across this article. I had one instance of such intense tinnitus, completely unexplainable, that I haven’t been able to shake it… Although it occurred about a year ago. I was on a dinner date with my husband, and my ears started ringing out of nowhere… Increasing in volume until I was deaf to everything but the ringing. I thought I was going to pass out, and out of fear of embarrassment, ran out to my car to avoid being a public specticle. It quit so suddenly, as soon as I stepped out of the restaraunt. I felt completely drained, and out of it (a dream-like state) for the rest of the day. Soon after, I started experiencing a shift in consciousness. 11:11 everywhere. Odd “coincidences.” I haven’t been back to the restaraunt since. The other day in my own home, I had an episode of tinnitus, but it was a deeper pitch than normal, and more of a vibration sound than a ringing. My husband heard that one too though. It only lasted maybe two seconds, but got the attention of us both.. But neither of us could explain it logically. We are in southern MO, if thats of any use to you. There’s just been so many odd happenings lately, I can’t begin to put them into coherent sentences, so I apologize for not having much solid data to add to your records. But your work resonates with me. You’re on to something, dear. I’ve been working my way down the rabbit hole for a while now, and I feel I’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg.

  8. I’ve had what is called tinnitus all my life. That high pitched tuning sound. I travel in the metaphysical and spiritual phenomena circles and was told that I was being downloaded with information from the higher realms when I hear it. Just this past June, I would hear the frequencies non-stop. I’d go to bed and wake up hearing them. It was only in my left ear. Then after a week or so, I started hearing ringing like from a church bell. After about a week of that, it started sounding like a gong. About 3 weeks ago, I was listening to Prince’s song Let’s Go Crazy. In the opening, he always said we’re gathered here today to CELEBRATE this thing called life. Now he says “to get into this thing called life”. Someone in the comment section asked if anyone has heard of the mandela effect. I looked it up and couldn’t believe the different examples. C3PO with a silver lower leg??? He was totally gold. Reba McIntyre now Reba McEntire????

  9. 15:12 LST when this occurred after a few hours of intense tinnitus of my left ear.
    A raspy whisper: “Terry”
    A minute, or so, later in the same whisper: “Terry”
    Two/three minutes later: “Hey… Hey!”

    Each time I heard it I thought it was somebody calling my name over my gate as I was sitting on my patio. I’ve been experiencing tinnitus (and feeling intense pressure) on my left side for roughly three hours. Once I heard the “hey’s” I fell out of my seat and the ringing went away.

    Now for the weird part, a hummingbird came over the gate only a few seconds later and looked me straight in the eyes, and left. The reason this is so strange is because my dad is convinced that hummingbird’s are his dead mother’s soul coming to check up on us… Which happens frequently now but rarely happened when she was alive. I don’t know that whole story. But anyway, do you want to guess her name? I picked it up after she passed away:
    Within the past 15 minutes I’ve been visited by two other hummingbirds… Which is more than I ever see??

    I’m excited to get to comment this because I’ve had so much I’ve wanted to contribute to your interesting comments sections on the Mandela Effects page. I read your posts and all the comments and have peiced together my own ideas and would like to thank you:)

  10. I’ve had tinnitus for the better part of 3 year. I just got up one day and it was there. Early on I found white noise manly water helped. If this is a side effect from the Mandela effect , Maybe were out of tune with this Univers or it’s something like you said electromagnetic hypersensitivity. I’d love to see what comes from your findings.

  11. I don’t even know where to begin, so here goes, Have had animals and babies unusually gravitate towards me my entire life, I mean like Snow White status. Have had predictive dreams my entire life. Have had the ‘ringing’ ‘whistle’ ‘fluttering’. It is ALWAYS my right ear. I have literally asked others in the room if they can hear it as well, as it is very loud at times. They never do. So I stopped asking. I have read the bible and the Quran and ‘know’ that it’s been altered. I live in Michigan which is a hot bed for paranormal activity and strange creatures. I almost always sleep through the full and super moons, almost as if my body goes into recharge mode, I really don’t know how else to describe it. I am HEAVILY affected by the moon. I literally have read peoples minds by accident, and it is shocking to me how accurate I have been. I really thought I was losing my mind, but I started researching the connections between mental ‘illness’, ME, the ‘tinnitus’ thing, and my ability to read peoples energy. I have had so many dreams come to fruition that it scares me about the nightmares, will those come true as well? I began praying like never before for discernment and ever since then these anomalies have increased exponentially. It’s almost like everything that I’m learning I ‘feel’ I already know. I am literally speechless right now.

  12. I’ve been working with my naturopath doctor on the ringing in my ears. Thought it was dietary…cut down to broth & protein shakes…ringing persists. “Try Claritin for a while, see if that helps.?.” It took away itchy skin (that is a whole different story) – ears continue ringing. It gets louder and quieter – been 3-4 years, maybe 5 …I’ve just figured I have to live with it.
    Hearing this information (Mandela) is tripping me out. We (my wife and I) searched for “lion & lamb”…J asked my mom…she couldn’t find it either. Now it’s “wolf and a lamb”?? Maybe we just remembered it wrong…

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