Site News

What’s Here

So far, I’ve restored about 400 (of more than 700) articles to this website.

Many were here from the early days (1999), when I moved my original, mid-1990s site from to, my first URL.

Others are from topic-focused sites I’d created, such as, and ( is still online. Now, the articles are what had been my ebook, “101 Ghost Hunting Questions, Answered.”)

Ongoing Projects

  • All broken outgoing links and internal links are being repaired as my link-checking software finds them.
  • The interactive photo galleries must be rebuilt from scratch or replaced. For now, some articles display thumbnail illustrations. Other, image-heavy articles are in Draft mode, meaning: they’re not visible at this site while I’m working on them.
  • I’ll be adding an updated freebies section at this site. Meanwhile, visit my site for free ghost hunting downloads.
  • I’m updating my free Introduction to Ghost Hunting course, and moving it to As time permits, I hope to offer several free ghost hunting courses at that URL.


  • 21 Sep 2017 – This site reopened. It’s still a work in progress, but enough content is here to welcome visitors.