Poltergeists – what they are, famous stories

These are my references and notes from a 2010 podcast I recorded. (Like many of my older and outdated podcasts, that one is offline now.)

Colin WilsonGhost Sightings

This book reads like a children’s series of “ghost stories,” but it’s actually filled with unique and fascinating information about ghosts and poltergeists.

Often overlooked by researchers, this book is among Fiona’s favorite resources for unusual insights about the spirit world.  Fiona  agrees with Wilson when he says, “…the evidence is that we do continue to exist. And I don’t think that there’s any possible doubt about it.”

Winchester Mansion (aka Winchester Mystery House) – Wikipedia entry – One of the world’s strangest and most haunted houses.

Cases mentioned: The Drummer of Tedworth, Enfield Poltergeist

(Fiona will write more about these events, later, and include previously unreported facts. They may shed new light on these famous poltergeist stories.)

Movie mentioned: The Entity

This movie — hard to find as a DVD, since the movie studio discontinued it — is based on a true story.  The content in this film is very disturbing, since the victim was raped by three spirits, and that scene is represented in the movie.

Produced in the early 1980s, the movie is dated, but those who’ve watched it consistently describe it as disturbing and too realistic for entertainment.

That may be why the movie was discontinued.

Books mentioned: Harry Potter books, by J. K. Rowling

The poltergeist, Peeves, appears during every school year.  However, when he is visible, he generally looks solid.  (That’s not common among poltergeists.  They rarely appear in visible form, at all.)

Other Hogwarts spirits, such as Nearly Headless Nick, usually look translucent and slightly glistening or pearlescent.

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