Fiona Broome’s Hollow Hill podcasts are free, short (usually under 15 minutes). They cover a variety of topics including the nuts & bolts of ghost hunting, as well as Fiona Broome’s favorite haunted places.

Here’s the current list: (First date is when the podcast was recorded. Second is when it was re-released.)


  • Where to find Fiona Broome’s Hollow Hill podcasts about ghosts and haunted places:
    • Search posts in the Podcasts category. (That’s also in the Topics drop-down menu.)
    • Visit the Hollow Hill podcasts page at Libsyn, for the newest (and restored) podcasts, as they’re added.
    • Use the search form at this website, and enter a word or phrase (or location) that interests you, plus the word “podcast.”


  • More of Fiona’s ghost hunting podcasts:

    Fiona also records podcasts and videos related to her Ghosts101.com website, and her free ghost hunting courses.

    About the podcasts

    ghostbatFiona Broome has been recording ghost-related podcasts since 2006.  (As a result, the content of some may now be outdated, and the sound quality has improved as technology has.)

    Fiona’s podcasts are hosted by Libsyn.com. Her podcast webpage is http://hollowhill.libsyn.com

    You can listen to Fiona’s podcasts online or on any MP3 player.


    We’re adding more of Fiona podcasts. Many are from nearly 100 podcasts she recorded between 2006 and 2013. Others are new, starting in 2017.

    The following are some of many topics she’s talked about.

    Haunted places

    • Falstaffs Experience (Stratford-upon-Avon, England)
    • The Myrtles Plantation (Louisiana, USA)
    • Ghosts of Austin (Texas, USA)
    • Gilson Road cemetery (NH, USA)

    Ghost hunters’ tips

    • Residual and active hauntings
    • EMF issues
    • Ghost photos
    • Finding haunted houses
    • When to go ghost hunting

    If there’s a topic you’d like to hear about in future podcasts, use the Contact link to tell us.