Las Vegas Anomalies – Dec 2015

Las VegasSeveral odd things happened in Las Vegas in late December 2015. In a city where “odd” is a way of life, anything beyond their “normal” is especially interesting.

This is a good example of data points — a specific location, and closely connected events (times) — that may relate to my theory about alternate realities. At the moment, I’m speculating that something happened around that location… something we don’t understand, yet. And, whatever that was — a temporal distortion, perhaps — caused people to do things they’d never do in a normal setting.

Here’s what happened:

First Las Vegas Anomaly

First, a woman drove her car onto a crowded sidewalk, just outside the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Descriptions of the event varied, but many suggested that the driver slowed the car and then hit the accelerator a second time, mowing down nearly 40 people.

At the time, the woman said that she couldn’t explain what happened, and she’d lost control of the car.

  • Per ABC News: “KSNV-TV says the crash occurred in front of the Paris Hotel & Casino and Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Resort & Casino on South Las Vegas Boulevard, north of Harmon Avenue. The crash took place about 6 p.m. The Miss Universe pageant was being held at the Planet Hollywood at the time of the crash.”

Later, news reports said she’d tested positive for marijuana, but that’s odd, as well. Per the University of Washington, “Marijuana usually has a sedating effect on most users, making it much less likely to cause violence…” Nevertheless, she described being under stress, and that can be a factor in violent behavior.

Second Las Vegas Anomaly

Meanwhile, a few hundred yards away, the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino was hosting the 2015 Miss Universe pageant.

In a baffling blunder, Steve Harvey, an experienced entertainer, crowned the wrong contestant. It’s still unclear whether he misread the card — truly odd for someone accustomed to reading from cards — or if the teleprompter script was wrong.

No matter what the explanation, Harvey crowned Miss Colombia… and then had to remove the crown and announce that Miss Philippines was the real winner.

Third Anomaly

Two nights later, Las Vegas was one of the most-reported viewing points for a bright light soaring through the night sky. Officials explained it as space debris from a Russian rocket.

That’s nothing baffling, but it is odd, since the Las Vegas sky is so well-lit by traffic and commercial signs, anything in the sky must be extraordinarily bright.

Mandela Effect Reports

Initially readers alerted me to these “coincidences” at my Mandela Effect website. (Read the comments there; that site’s article is almost identical to this one.)

However, as the stories unfolded, I couldn’t see a clear connection to an alternate reality.

On the other hand, when I see an odd series of events like this — close in time and location — I note it as a data point to add to my Broome Theory research. I describe these as “blips” and I look for related, consistent paranormal reports that follow the same patterns.

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  1. Interesting series of events. I would caution you about the Steve Harvey one, though. [Edited for derogatory comments about Mr. Harvey.] Anyway, although I cannot say, for sure, that nothing paranormal happened with Steve Harvey, I do believe that it is entirely possible, if not likely, that the explanation for Steve Harvey’s mess up is simply his own stupidity. As you can probably tell, I’m not a fan…

    1. Mark, whether or not Steve Harvey was wholly to blame for what happened — and that is what he suggested in his profuse apologies — I’m not saying that something paranormal happened to him, personally, though it might have.

      At the moment, I’m looking at the apparent coincidence of very anomalous events, at that approximate time and in that approximate location. On their own, they’re just odd. It’s the combination that intrigues me.

      Sure, it may have been a badly-designed card, or a teleprompter error. It may have been Mr. Harvey’s nerves around so many extraordinarily stunning women. Something might have distracted him, on- or off-stage. Or, maybe he just made a horrendous blunder.

      Likewise, the woman in the car may have been depressed and stressed, and the marijuana lowered her normal resistance to unfortunate impulses. So, with her toddler in the car, she decided to mow down a crowd of innocent tourists and local residents.

      And, shortly after that, the Russian spacecraft just happened to break up in a way that caused an extraordinary display in the sky over Las Vegas.

      These events are anomalous on their own, and — in combination — stand out as something I want to explore further, to see if it fits other anomalous patterns.

      This may be nothing more than coincidence. I’d be happy to find out that’s all this was.

      However, it’s so anomalous, it’s worth noting to include in future research.

  2. Another bit of data to add to this is that all of these events happened close to a full moon.

    Myself, I’ve noticed that people, pets, and reality tend to get particularly “weird” when the moon is in that critical 80-100 percent full range. The popular folklore about “lunacy” and werewolves is on to something there (I don’t believe that actual werewolves exist, but the idea of the full moon drawing out monstrous personality traits in people is one that I believe has merit).

    1. Kem, thanks for your comment. My previous research suggested that hospitals actually report a surge in health issues — “lunacy,” in folklore — about three days after the full moon. I’ll need to see if those statistics have changed.

      This bears closer inspection, of course, but — whether it’s lunacy or something else — why that location? If the effect of that full moon was that intense, we should have seen equally bizarre events occur in other locations, globally.

      Strange things happen every day. My focus is on that location at that time, and whether this was a coincidence or part of a larger pattern, either time- or space-related, or both.

      1. ‘The moon pool’ by Abraham Merritt best describes the power of full moon and the horrors of south pacific,this time in the island of Ponape.

      2. my late husband was a psych nurse, and he said the full moon effect would be abundantly clear to you if you spent time working on a psych ward regularly

          1. It’s good to see that you’re still making updates, Fiona, even if they are a lot less than they used to be. Anyway, that business about the moon made me remember this article from a couple of years back, and I wanted to post the link to it here, in case anyone is interested. Check it out:


            By the way, did you get my e-mail about HopeGirl and her crew accusing you of being a part, unwittingly or not, of some government psi-op? I would have thought that you would have wanted to respond to that, publicly, but I guess it’s up to you as to how to handle something like that.

          2. Thanks, Mark! I’m not sure why your comment didn’t show up until I moved this site, but… well, better late than never.

            And yes, people accuse me of all kinds of crazy things. It seems to get wilder as time passes. (I’m receiving over 1,000 real emails, daily. I do my best to read — or at least skim — most of them. Answering them isn’t possible. But I do read & appreciate your insights.)

            If I had more time (or perhaps took the accusations seriously), I might respond to them. However, my schedule doesn’t permit it, nor does my sense of humor.

            For me, it’s like arguing whether the sky is actually blue. Some people want to insist that it’s green, or no-color (technically), or… well, lots of variations. Maybe it’s an Occam’s Razor thing, but — for me, anyway — the sky is often a shade of blue. Their arguments won’t change my mind. My arguments won’t change theirs.

            If it makes people happier to think that I’m making these things up, or that I’m wrong, or that I have some special agenda… well, they’ll probably default to that, no matter what I say.

            The sleep article is definitely useful. Thank you!

    2. To clarify my previous comment, I believe that the full moon breaks down stability in people and reality itself. I believe that vulnerable people and vulnerable “parts” of reality are more susceptible to the full moon’s influence, which is why the moon’s effect isn’t applied equally everywhere.

      Let’s say, for example, that unknown conditions in Las Vegas were just right that the chance of an anomaly occurring was 50/50. Throw the full moon’s destabilizing influence into the mix, and the odds of an anomaly occurring get bumped up to 60/40 in favor the anomaly. No, the full moon didn’t directly cause the anomaly, but it may have been a contributing factor.

      My overall point here is that with all of the discussion here about gravity, astrology, and old folklore, maybe it’s worth considering if and how the moon phase is connected to all of this.

      1. Kem, that’s very interesting. I hadn’t considered astronomical influences in terms of portals.

        I’ve used astronomy to improve my paranormal research results, and I’ve recommended it to others. Generally, I pay attention to the same factors traditional farmers use to improve their harvests. Using moon cycles and some other factors, I’ve seen better results with research teams, but I hadn’t considered whether the effects were on the researchers or on the phenomena, or even something else.

        This is a very good insight. Thank you!

  3. And now, for some comedy, but first a bit of background. Verizon has been running this ad with colored balls to try to convince people that Verizon is better than its competitors. Check it out:

    A few of those competitors of Verizon did not like that ad, and they put out parody ads, like the one from Sprint. Check it out:

    However, I think that the funniest of the ads that make fun of the original ad is the T Mobile ad, which has Steve Harvey in it. I can’t stand Steve harvey, but I’ll give credit where credit is due. That T Mobile ad is funny. Check it out:

    1. Speaking of. I’ve noted recently how *close* Las Vegas is to Area 51. Has Area 51 moved? I thought Area 51 was way out in the middle of nowhere in the dessert – not within spitting distance of Las Vegas.

      1. Mari, thanks for that comment. I’m adding it to my database of Mandela Effect anomalies. I’ve been to Las Vegas several times, and Area 51 was in another part of the state.

  4. I believe a similar phenomenom happend Dec 26 2016. That was the day that several metropolitan area shopping malls across the country experienced violent outbursts, fighting, and lockodowns including Beechwood mall near Cleveland OH. Also near Cleveland at my place of work (a popluar restaurant) we had absurd accusations from guests the entire day. Throughout the day, we had many many patrons walk out, yell loudly at the managment staff, throw food, and demand discounts. We have never experienced anything close to the hatred our guests showed that day. And it lasted from open to close. There was also a violent outbusrt/ disturbance at our usually slow pace hopsital.
    I hate to say it but I, myself also became physically violent towards my husband for the very first (and last) time. This was the first time I have ever struck another human being !
    Did anyone else “feel” the evil, or violence that day?

    1. Thanks, Cassue! I really appreciate you bringing this to my attention. I’ll need to research this in more depth, from a variety of angles, to see if it might be significant.

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