[TX] Houston – Haunted Patterson Road

Sign for Langham Creek.
Sign for Langham Creek.

Patterson Road in Houston, Texas is supposed to be haunted. This road borders Bear Creek Park and runs between Highway 6 and Eldridge Road. [Google Maps]

It’s a lovely location.  Arrive in the afternoon and plan a picnic or barbecue in the park. Visit the zoo, read the historical markers, and get a sense of the landscape and its heritage.

Some of Bear Creek Park’s ghost stories are related to Civil War activity. Others are from a displaced community when the floods of 1900 led to landscape changes — and safety measures — to prevent future disasters if a similar flood occurred.

After a heavy rainstorm, this location may flood before other areas do, so — if you’re planning an investigation — check road conditions before you make the drive to the Bear Creek Park area.

Langham Creek by day.
Langham Creek by day.

Much of Bear Creek Park is overgrown with dense foliage. At night, the frogs make sounds that are too loud to ignore.

You’ll hear other noises in the woods, too. They’re probably woodland animals, but they are very odd noises.

One evening in early May 2005, two of us investigated Patterson Road. We visited it in daylight first, and checked it with a compass.

We saw anomalous needle swings in excess of 30 degrees on the right side of the Langham Creek bridge as you’re facing Eldridge Road.

Daytime photos were generally normal, except for one:

Late afternoon at Langham Creek, Houston, TX
Original photo. Note the crispness of the scene, except the upper left corner of the photo.
Close-up of that corner. The mist showed up in my photo and others’.

The sun was quickly setting when I took this photo with a digital camera. There was no light to create that “misty” effect at the upper left corner of the photo. There was no fog, no rain… nothing to account for that mist.

Langham Creek bridge is supposedly the haunted one. According to local legends, the ghosts of Civil War soldiers tap on your car if you park on the bridge with your lights out.

Unfortunately, Patterson Road is busy at night with sporting events at nearby Bear Creek Park. We do NOT recommend parking your car on the roadway with your lights off.

We did pause on the bridge after dark and there were many tapping noises, but nothing that couldn’t be explained by the car settling and the bridge shifting slightly under the weight of the car.

However, Bear Creek bridge is a different story…


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2 thoughts on “[TX] Houston – Haunted Patterson Road”

  1. ive been there many times and have expirienced too much for life itself the place realy is haunted and if you dont beilieve me go there your self and expirience

  2. I went to the cemetery off patterson rd in Houston and im not too sure that its haunted. I snapped two photos of an area where i was seeing what looked like soldiers. There was a giant snake hanging from a tree and apparently what looked like a marine in the tree. While walking thru the woods i was running echovox. I thought i saw several times men in yowies or camouflage in the fields, behind trees and logs ducking down, and im 100% certain one guy was laying on a log and got startled by my echovox. He was soo well blended in i could barley see him. It was getting dark and i had no idea if it was a ghost or real person. Im actually leaning towards there having been marines in the woods playing war games. Which could account for the seemly haunted place.

    at approximately 2.12 in the video, you hear a walkie talkie come thru the echovox saying ‘get back where you belong, your risking your life, get out’, further supporting the theory of marines being in the woods. So i kinda wonder if perhaps echovox was intercepting the radio frequencies that the marines were on. ‘the app is hopefully out of a eastern iraquish onslaught’ and ‘we’re in the bushes’. sounds like something marines would say

    The thumping on the car windows is the marines shooting air at your car to get you to leave


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