Ghost Hunting in the Daytime

alley-misty-veniceCan you go ghost hunting in the daytime? Yes.

Of course, ghost hunters will get the best research results after dark.

I’m not sure if it’s like radio stations that can be heard more clearly without interference from the sun.

Whatever the reason, most after-dark ghost hunts are far more successful than those in broad daylight.

However, daytime ghost hunts aren’t always a waste of time.

Examples of great Daytime Haunts

I’m reminded of Gilson Road Cemetery in Nashua, NH.

The haunted/psychic energy builds there each day, starting around 11:30 or noon. Put your attention — perhaps your ‘psychic radar’ — on the woods in back of the cemetery. Even in broad daylight, you may sense (or even see) some very odd things.

By night, eerie lights seem to flicker in those same woods. Animals are “too quiet,” or suddenly seem to panic. A few people see a hooded figure with glowing eyes. Compasses and EMF meters go haywire. Strange things happen.

The energy is gone by dawn. Around noon the next day, the cycle starts all over again.

In Texas, I like downtown Houston’s La Carafe wine bar at 813 Congress Street. Though the bar is closed in the morning, people who work there report odd discoveries when they arrive. It’s haunted enough to provide anomalies, 24/7.

How to Find Daytime Haunts

Fiona Broome's adviceLook for locations with a long history of power struggles or violence. Battlefields are a good example. (Gilson Road Cemetery in Nashua, NH, was the site of multiple Native American wars, as well as violent clashes with colonists.)

Check your daily commute. Look for roadside historical markers. Many indicate sites of violent clashes and intense, emotion-rich meetings of powerful people.

Something important happened there. The question is why, and did it at least leave some residual energy?

Former hospitals, funeral homes, and politicians’ homes are also good sites for daytime paranormal research.

If your only research time is during daylight hours, don’t worry. Somewhere nearby, at least one site is haunted, day and night.

Ghosts don’t only come out at night.

You may need to investigate several sites to find one that’s active in daylight. With enough patience and persistence, you’ll find one.

Carpe diem!

Ghost bat

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