Every day, I receive hundreds of messages. 

I read every one of them, personally.

Because most comments and questions are complex, I do my best to answer the most important questions in articles at HollowHill.com and my other paranormal websites.  Every comment, question, and story provides useful insights about ghosts.

I am deeply grateful for every friend and fan who writes to me.

Because some questions are urgent, I’m summarizing what I would say if I could answer right away.


If you are afraid for your own safety or others’, your best resources are not strangers who seem helpful, online.  In fact, predators and con artists are sometimes looking for people who are already vulnerable. Use even more caution than you would in real life.  Frankly, don’t trust anyone unless you’ve checked their references, carefully and thoroughly.


If you think a demon or very malicious entity is involved, get help right away.  Today — not tomorrow or when you have time for it — contact a priest or minister in your community.  It doesn’t matter if you are religious or even believe in the particular religion; the fact is, clergy and spiritual leaders are involved, full time, with spiritual issues.

Demons and malicious entities are spirits, so religious practitioners are your best resource. In many cases, they’ve dealt with situations like yours before, and know the best answers for quick results.

If they cannot help you, I recommend the following people who are either demonologists or they work with dangerous spiritual energies and entities.  I know all of them in real life, and would trust any of them if I were in a frightening ghostly or spiritual situation.

I am not a demonologist and I’m grateful that it’s not an area in which I have much experience. So, I can’t answer your questions about demons.

Above all, never stay in any location where you feel at risk. Find a friend or a relative to stay with for a couple of nights, while you sort out what’s going on.


If you think your house may be haunted, or you’re encountering frightening phenomena in your home, at work, or in a dorm, please go through my free book* and checklist, “Is Your House Haunted?”

*That book is out-of-print, but you may find a copy of it, online.

Meanwhile, the related checklist can help you rule out normal explanations that could “fix” the haunting. Always look for normal issues before deciding something is paranormal.


I’m unable to analyze or comment on ghost photos, or pictures that might include ghosts.

My best advice is to experiment with your camera to see if you can create the same kind of image with something else — breathing while you take the photos, flying insects, moisture (use a spray bottle of water), dust (use a Swiffer or something similar), reflections of all kinds (reflective signs, shiny gravestones, mirrors, etc.), a hair in front of the lens, or your camera strap about three inches in front of the lens.

If you cannot replicate what you see in your photo, trust your “gut feeling.”  It’s very difficult to create a convincing, fake, ghost picture.


Free ghost hunting courses

My free, four-week course – “Introduction to Ghost Hunting” – is online, along with the certificate for those who complete it.  However, that course is being revised. The old version is currently at EncounterGhosts.com.  Later in 2017, my free courses will be at GhostHuntingAcademy.com.

Private investigations

I do not accept clients at this time.  Most of my current work focuses on research for my books.

If you would like someone to investigate your haunted home or business, visit the TAPS website (“TAPS family” section) to locate someone near you.

No matter who is investigating, find out exactly what they will do, and exactly how they will help you (at no charge) if they feel that your home or business is haunted. Ask for local references and check them. (That’s very important.)

If someone seems creepy or sleazy, or you’re simply uncomfortable with them at any time, don’t feel as if you have to be polite. Say “no, thank you,” and ask them to leave. You don’t need to explain anything.

My books

I’m the author/co-author of over a dozen books.  For a list of those in print, visit FionaBroome.com.


I maintain several websites related to paranormal research.  They include this website, EncounterGhosts.com, Ghosts101.com, some smaller book-related websites, and – arriving soon – GhostHuntingAcademy.com, for my free ghost hunting courses.

My site related to faerie lore is FaerieMagick.com. While I give a nod to Tinkerbell-ish faeries, my site – and my research – focus more on large, sometimes mischievous (and sometimes frightening) creatures from the fae world.

My website about alternate realities and time slips is MandelaEffect.com. Yes, I’m the one who popularized that phrase. At the time, I thought the only odd issue was related to when Civil Rights hero Nelson Mandela died. Soon, I learned that the effect involves far more memories. (I kept using the phrase as a tribute to Mandela, whose work I admire.)

TV shows

Generally, I do not work with TV shows, especially in front of the camera.  My privacy is important to me.

However, as time permits, I consult for TV production companies, providing research insights and location information, especially for documentaries.

TV stars

I’m unable to convey others’ messages to stars and cast members of ghost-related TV shows.  Most of them are friends and we rarely “talk shop” when I see them or we talk on the phone.  They have their own blogs or websites where you can leave a message.

Though this FAQs list cannot address every comment and question sent to me, it covers the basics.  For more detailed information, please use the search form on this website, and look for my books at your public library, at bookstores, or at Amazon.com.