Over the past 18 years, I’ve created lots of freebies for ghost enthusiasts.  Some of the best are linked, below.

Currently, they’re available through my website. The following links take you to related articles. At them, you’ll find descriptions of each free report, checklist, etc., as well as links to each download.

Or, you could just go to my list of free downloads at, and grab everything.

Fiona Broome’s free reports and checklists

Learn more about each freebie at the following links. They’ll explain what each report, checklist, or worksheet is for, and you’ll find a link to the related PDF.

All of my free reports and worksheets are issued with a Creative Commons license that allows sharing.

A certificate of completion for my free Introduction to Ghost Hunting course is online, but it still says “Ghosts 101.” An updated version is being designed, and will be available, soon. (This is part of a larger project offering multiple free and inexpensive online courses for ghost hunters, through


“Is Your House Haunted?was available at the Authors Club website. (As of Halloween 2016, that site had vanished.) Now, it’s out of print, but you may find a copy online. Or, a friend may share the book with you.

I’m replacing it with a detailed checklist. I’m also writing a more extensive book for professional paranormal investigators. Short-term, you can use the simple, 2011 PDF checklist to rule out normal causes of things that merely seem ghostly.

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