Welcome to Hollow Hill

Fiona Broome is rebuilding Hollow Hill, her original ghost hunting website… but with a slightly different emphasis. Mostly, she’s focusing on patterns that connect, perhaps explain, and even predict odd and paranormal activity.

Eerie beam of light at Gilson Road Cemetery, Nashua, NH
Odd photo, Gilson Road Cemetery (Nashua, NH)

This website features

  • Fiona Broome’s most popular articles from the original (1999 – 2014) HollowHill.com ghost hunting website. (They’re in the Ghost Hunting category.)
  • Fiona’s best 2016 “Broome Theory” articles explaining some of her quirky, not-quite sci-fi theories. (They’re speculation. Even Fiona isn’t convinced this is real.)
  • New articles about paranormal research and cross-discipline theories.

What’s here, so far

  • Fiona’s most important Broome Theory posts.
  • A few classic HollowHill.com ghost hunting articles, lightly updated. (More arriving, regularly.)