Alternate Realities, Portals, and EMF Surges

creepy door openingEMF (or electromagnetic field/s) may be a physical field produced by electrically charged objects. That’s what Wikipedia says. That site also says “The electromagnetic field extends indefinitely throughout space and describes the electromagnetic interaction. It is one of the four fundamental forces of nature (the others are gravitation, weak interaction and strong interaction).”

Note: The relationship between EMF and gravitation could be important, since physics studies have raised many questions about gravity, such as whether it’s leaking into our world or out of it.

If gravity can leak across supposed brane barriers, why not EMF, as well?

Until recently, I’d been focusing on anomalous (unexplained) EMF surges at apparently haunted locations. Specifically, I’ve been studying EMF spikes noted on sensitive detection devices, where the EMF may be fleeting, not repeated (at that precise location, for some time), and without apparent origin.

Many ghost hunters enthusiastically claim that the EMF represents spiritual energy, or a “ghost.” (Likewise, they point to photographic anomalies and happily believe they’re pictures of actual ghosts. If that makes sense to them, I’m happy to agree.)

For years, I’ve been a contrarian. I’m not convinced that all EMF anomalies at haunted settings are actually spirits. (I maintain that attitude about all anomalies — including “ghost photos” — recorded at sites that might be haunted. I believe in ghosts. I believe that consistent anomalies occur at sites with a history of ghostly phenomena. I’m simply not sure that all anomalies (even at profoundly haunted sites) are caused by actual ghosts.

Here’s how I look at anomalies at haunted places:


ghosts and anomalies - venn diagram

I believe some EMF spikes occur when a door between realities opens, and — like gravity — electromagnetic energy leaks into our world. (One of my 2008 articles on this topic: EMF Reality Check – Are EMF Really Ghosts?)

I don’t want to spoil anyone’s happy investigations, if he or she is content to believe that the EMF spike on a K-II meter, Ovilus, or Ghost Meter Pro is actually Great-Aunt Harriet. For all I know, that particular encounter might represent spiritual energy from the beloved aunt.

However, I think that some EMF is leaking through portals (or access points between realities), and that these same points are where ghosts, faeries, and possibly Bigfoot or even UFOs are entering and exiting our world.

I’m not an expert in the latter two fields, and haven’t made up my mind about them, but I don’t want to leave out anything that might fit this theory. From a somewhat sci-fi perspective, it’s possible other civilizations have mastered use of these portals, and use them to visit other worlds. For all I know, it might save fuel or time, or both.

The Hum, mysterious booming sounds, and even EVP (electronic voice phenomena, sometimes believed to be voices “from the other side”) might come through.

Here’s what that Venn diagram looks like, as I imagine it:

realities venn diagram


And, those same points might be available for human transference, resulting in what I’ve described as the Mandela Effect, or cross-reality travel that results in alternate memories (history that doesn’t match this reality).

It’s a highly speculative theory. I’m not sure how likely any of this is.

However, I think it’s as good an explanation as any, related to EMF at paranormal locations, and I think it opens many avenues (no pun intended) for research into a variety of odd and paranormal phenomena.

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  1. Sorry for the long post, Fiona, but I have some information that you may be interested in, and it may fit with your theory. (or, maybe not…you’ll have to be the judge) Anyway, I am a fan of paranormal and alternative ideas, generally. Sometimes I see connections between areas that would not seem to be connected, at least, at first glance. There has been some news in the Bigfoot research world that I wanted to let you know about. Sorry, again, for making this post long, but it is probably important for me to include some background. Dr. Matthew Johnson has been a Bigfoot researcher for about a decade and a half, I think. He used to be a psychologist, (possibly psychiatrist…I don’t remember) but I think that he is retired and devotes most of his time, now, to Bigfoot research. While each researcher has his or her own methods, Dr. Johnson prefers to use a method of trying to find Bigfoot that he calls (and many others call) “habituation.” He tries to distinguish this from the so-called “ambulance chasing” method, where researchers will hear of a Bigfoot sighting, rush to that place, usually fail to find Bigfoot, and then move on to the next place shortly afterwards. Dr. Johnson is also not a fan of the use of trail cameras to try to capture video and pictures of Bigfoot because he believes that Bigfoot creatures are able to sense the cameras and that they don’t want to go near these cameras, in most cases. This is a possibility, as I believe that there are other animals that are known to be able to sense cameras, as well, making it more difficult to get those kinds of animals on video or on pictures. This is some of the reasoning behind the development of The Falcon Project, which is an attempt to build a new type of airship with a new, compressed-air, quiet propulsion system which can stay far away from the Bigfoot, not make much noise, and zoom in close with a camera to get video of Bigfoot, as well as get other kinds of readings from the other hardware on board. Anyway, I may be going off on a minor tangent, so I had better get back on track…the habituation method that Dr. Johnson prefers involves going to a site that is known for Bigfoot activity and coming back, over and over again, to try to get the Bigfoot creatures used to him. Johnson claimed that he tried the ambulance chasing method for a long time, and failed to get the results that he wanted, so he switched to the habituation method, which he is claiming is much more successful. He claims to have had close-up sightings of the Bigfoot creatures as they have gotten used to him and the others he brings along with him. They also seem to have gotten used to the food that Johnson leaves for the Bigfoot creatures to eat. The problem is that, so far, at least, he has not been able to get any good, close-up video of the Bigfoot creatures, because he keeps everything very low-tech to try to avoid causing the Bigfoot creatures to sense the technology, which may cause them to stay away, if they are able to sense it. However, there have been a few other people who are somewhat well-respected in the Bigfoot research community who have accompanied him and have testified that they, too, have had close-up sightings.

    So, now that all of that background is out of the way, I can continue. Dr. Johnson has been somewhat polarizing, for multiple reasons. One of those reasons is his belief that the Bigfoot creatures have paranormal abilities. These include the ability to cloak and the ability to use some kind of psychokinesis to “zap” people, like a taser, except maybe not as strong. These paranormal abilities, however, may pale in comparison to what Johnson revealed last May, I believe. I don’t often check Dr. Johnson’s blog because of the fact that it is usually infrequently updates, but I do go back every once in a while. His website is at, and you can get to his blog by clicking on…well…Blog. I recently looked at his blog and was surprised that there seem to have been a lot of updates since the last time that I went there. I found out that the reason for so many updates was the fact that there had been something of a firestorm of controversy, recently. It went back to a post (last May, I believe) when Dr. Johnson claimed that he and some others were out, one night, doing the habituation thing, and they found a portal, of some sort, near their habituation area. They claimed to see two small, (about three feet tall) hairy creatures with glowing red eyes guarding the portal. Since his first sighting of this portal, Johnson has claimed that he has seen it open and close multiple times when he was out there, and that others in the Bigfoot research community have testified to seeing it, as well, when they were out there with him after being invited. Johnson has also claimed that he has seen these small creatures, as well as Bigfoot creatures, walking through the portal multiple times. For as bizarre as this may sound, it does make a certain kind of sense. This could be a (partial) explanation for why it is so difficult to find Bigfoot: they are not here most of the time, but are, instead, in that other place on the other side of the portal. Although it is probably difficult to tell where this other place is, with respect to here, Dr. Johnson seems to believe that this is some other universe. If it is another universe on the other side of that portal, then it is a universe that is so different from ours that it makes even the differences in the Lerina Garcia case seem seem small by comparison. The other universe, on the other side of that portal, seems to have a red sky, and the plants (if it even makes sense to call them “plants”) seem to be black. Some of the other Bigfoot researchers who have been there and gone public about seeing the portal are afraid that these creatures are demonic entities, given all of the colors of red and black. It also does not help that Dr. Johnson claims that light seems to cause the portal to vanish. For the record, Dr. Johnson, himself, does not believe these creatures to be demonic. I know that you have a lot of reading to do, (including this comment – once again, sorry for the length) but it might be worth your time to read Dr. Johnson’s blog, at least back as far as May of last year. It might, also, be worth your time to try to contact Dr. Johnson. He is careful about trusting people, though, so he might not trust you. It is understandable, though, as he does not want people coming there and using electronics to scare the Bigfoot creatures away, or, worse, trying to kill them, which Dr. Johnson is strongly opposed to. For these reasons, and others, Dr. Johnson is keeping the specific location a secret, although he has stated that it is in the state of Oregon in The United States. Johnson thinks that he has figured out how to open the portal, I believe, so you might be able to take readings and stuff with your machines when it opens, assuming that you and Dr. Johnson can come to some kind of an agreement.

    However, if you cannot come to an agreement with Dr. Johnson, there might be another possibility. Some time after Dr. Johnson revealed this information about the portal and the creatures, I believe that some other dude (I forgot his name) who was associated with The Montana Vortex posted on Dr. Johnson’s Facebook page, or, at least, that’s what it seemed like in the blog posts. The Montana Vortex (in the state of Montana in The United States) is a place like The Skinwalker Ranch in that it seems to have a lot of paranormal activity of all kinds, not just typical “ghost” stuff, but, also, UFOs and Bigfoot creatures. (though it may not have quite as much paranormal activity as The Skinwalker Ranch) The website of The Montana Vortex used to be, but I just went there as I was typing this comment and it does not seem to be up. Perhaps it is just temporary. Anyway, the dude who posted on Dr. Johnson’s Facebook page, if my memory serves me right, said that the small, three-foot creatures with the glowing eyes have also been seen in The Montana Vortex area. If this is true, then there might be another portal in The Montana Vortex area. This would make sense given that there also seem to be gravitational anomalies in The Montana Vortex area. Perhaps you would have some luck locating this portal in The Montana Vortex area, and, if not, then you might, at least, be able to study the gravitational anomalies in that area and see if you get some supporting evidence in favor of your theory. In any case, I hope that some of this information is of some use to you. I thought that this was an important story to let you know about.

    1. Mark, thank you so much for taking the time to explain all of that in such detail. This is definitely worth considering and exploring.

      Also, I wasn’t aware of the Montana Vortex — just as many people don’t know about the Bennington Triangle (Vermont) — so I’m pleased to have another location to study.

      Though, prior to Mandela Effect discussions, I was best known for my ghost-related studies, my research actually focuses on a wide range of anomalies. So, in my databases, I include UFOs and Bigfoot and… well, all kinds of strangeness.

      Your information is very helpful. Thanks!

      1. Hey, Fiona, a few things came to mind that I think that you would want to know:

        1) I’m sorry that everyone has been causing you such trouble regarding David Bowie. For the record, I have no alternate memories that I am aware of with respect to David Bowie.

        2) I found this video of Dr. Johnson talking about his experiences with this portal. Take a look:

        The part that interests me the most is when he says, “…your friends are triggering it because they’re getting too close to it…” If this is correct, then it makes it sound like all that a human has to do to open the portal is to get close to it. This could be good news, because, even if Dr. Johnson will not cooperate with you, you could try to look for the other portal that may be in The Montana Vortex area, and it could make it easier to find the portal if all you have to do to open the portal is walk close to it at night, without any significant source of light, which would cause the portal to close down. Okay, it may, still, be difficult to find, but it will probably be a lot easier than it would be if you had to do something complex to open the portal.

        3) I saw a part of the site where you encouraged paranormal investigators to consider infrasound in their investigations. Before I saw that video that I linked to, above, my best guess would have been that the Bigfoot creatures used infrasound to open the portals. (of course, if what Dr. Johnson says in that video is correct, then infrasound probably would not be necessary) Why would that have been my best guess? Well, I have heard that one of the theories about how the Bigfoot creatures “zap” humans is by using infrasound. I don’t know if this is true, or not, but I have heard that infrasound can be harmful to humans. In my last comment on this page, I mentioned The Falcon Project. Although I do not believe that The Falcon Project is tied to Dr. Johnson, I do believe that the people who are working on The Falcon Project are taking seriously the possibility that the Bigfoot creatures are capable of generating infrasound. I believe that they want to put an infrasound detection machine on the airship that they are trying to build to try to detect the Bigfoot creatures generating infrasound…that is…if The Falcon Project ever “gets off the ground,” both literally and figuratively. It also occurred to me that, although I mentioned The Falcon Project in my previous comment on this page, I did not post a link to their website. Although it is pretty bare, at the moment, I’ll post a link to their site, in case you or anyone else is interested. Here it is:

        4) That is an interesting article about The Bennington Triangle. I had never heard of it, before, but I have heard of other “triangle” areas, including, of course, The Bermuda Triangle. Would you mind if I posted on that article? I see that it is old, and that some people do not like posting on old articles. However, I do have some information about a possible explanation (at least partially) for what may be going on in these “triangle” areas, and, although it might have a connection to these Bigfoot portals, it also might not. I thought that it would be better to post this information on the page about The Bennington Triangle, if it is okay with you.

        1. Hello, Mark, and thanks for your comments and insights. Go ahead and post whatever you like. Some of my articles at are very old and need updating. However, since the information was valid at the time, I’m happy when people re-energize those topics with new insights and connections to others’ research and theories. So, that’s absolutely okay. Thanks for asking!

  2. The only ghost i am familiar with is the seal-hunting schooner ‘The Ghost’ owned and captained by Wolf Larsen,of which Ambrose Bierce said,to create such a character is enough job for a life time.

  3. Do the ideas of Jenny Randles in her book Time Storms, along with the whole Oz Factor business, fit in with The Broome Theory?

  4. Fiona,

    I am intrigued by your research. I am very happy to have stumbled upon, or been ‘led’ to your sites (synchronicities).

    Have you ever considered Space Weather in your research? The Geomagnetic Storms and the dates correlating to the strange actives, (e.g. Las Vegas – G2 Solar Storm the same day from NOAA SWPC). I am not a space weather expert, it’s more of a hobby. I find it very interesting the effect space weather has on the earth, including the weather.

    Do you remember the Reno Air Show plane crash in 2011? That is when I first started looking into space weather and there was activity the day of that crash. If solar storms can cause GPS equipment to fail, can they effect humans, supernatural activity, our memories, etc.? Geomagnetic Solar Storms might be something to look into further.

    Also on a side note, remember the scene from the movie “Phenomenon” where John Travolta predicts the earthquake because he felt the EMF at the site? He was suffering from a brain tumor at the time and didn’t know it. Is it possible that people who experience sliding/or the Mandela Effect have some anomaly in their brain or DNA? I ask this because I know that I know I have experienced ME, and I have been diagnosed with a Developmental Venous Anomaly/Angioma in my brain. I experience synchronicities at an amazing rate and actually feel like I walk “between worlds at times”. I am happy to know that I am not alone in this and that others have experienced it too.

    **As crazy as that might sound, I know it sounds crazy to me, I am actually fairly stable and hold down a full time job and just recently graduated from college.

    Here are some links on the Solar Weather:


    1. I wanted to say that I have experienced a bit of the phenomena discussed. After years of thought I have decided that much of people’s unusual experiences have to be related to abnormalities in earth’s electromagnetic field. Anything that distorts or manipulates earth’s magnetic field by default causes these things. Earth’s movement through the sun’s magnetic field from its normal orbit, coronal mass ejections, electrical objects, and much more generate these issues. Electrostatic fields are merely a side effect and not the cause of these experiences. This means that paranormal experiences can be cyclical due to the calendar aka solstice. Our brains, being a large electrical transformer, receives these electrical impulses and attempts to assign meaning to them. This yields the tinnitus (sound), perceived movement at the edge of our vision (sight), feelings of fear, hearing words out loud and on evps. I’m not saying we are hallucinating. Electromagnetic and gravitational fields are theorized to be able to move between alternate realities and could very well be a form of contact between past and future and/or parallel universes nearly identical to our own: hence the Mandela effect. Thanks for hearing me out.


  5. A world that has electrostatic field instead of emf could be the world of timeless ghosts,the imprints of emf world that is vibratory and hence transitory,the stuff time slips are made of.

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