This is Fiona Broome‘s oldest paranormal research website, redesigned to include multiple, possibly overlapping topics. Those topics include ghost hunting, faerie studies, the Hum, and the Mandela Effect.  Discussions at this site may also include parallel realities and multiverse access.

Hollow Hill is also home to Fiona’s most popular ghost hunting articles, since — over the past 15+ years — many other websites linked to this site.


Hollow Hill - early header

In 1999, Fiona launched HollowHill.com as a website featuring ghost hunting information plus some Celtic faerie folklore.

Before long, readers’ interest in ghost hunting far overshadowed other topics, so Fiona spun-off FaerieMagick.com for the faerie lore.

From then on, Hollow Hill focused on ghost research — how-to information, public places to encounter ghosts, book and product reviews, etc.

But, once the site reached about 600 articles, it was too huge to maintain and readers struggled to find what they were looking for. So, Fiona and her team broke the articles into specific areas of interest, and created Ghosts101.com. (Today, that site includes the full text of Fiona’s 2012 book, 101 Ghost Hunting Questions – Answered.)

In 2016, with new WordPress navigation tools, those articles merged again at EncounterGhosts.com.

But, with Hollow Hill’s lengthy history and unique and helpful articles, many websites’ links still point here. So, in 2017, Fiona and her team decided to rebuild HollowHill.com.

Here, Fiona is merging her smaller, fringe sites (like BroomeTheory.com), and restoring her most popular HollowHill.com ghost hunting articles. She’s also adding new content, especially articles that may be useful for many fields of paranormal research.


About Broome Theory (from BroomeTheory.com)

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Quantum Leap DVD coverOur awareness isn’t limited to one reality. At some locations (time, space, or both), we’re able to perceive neighboring realities, and sometimes transfer between them.

Those time-space locations are like doors. (Such as the door of light that opened in Quantum Leap, etc.)

When the door is open, energy begins leaking through it.

  • That may explain some EMF surges at haunted locations.
  • For some people, intermittent tinnitus can act as a signal.
  • That door between realities — or what caused it on the other side — might explain “the Hum” and anomalous booming sounds.
  • The door might be literal, and permit access to & from realms we describe as “the other side,” the world of the fae, etc.

When the door is open, we may be able to hear (IRL or via EVP) or otherwise communicate with entities that are on the other side, or are passing in (or out) of our reality.

Parallel realities aren’t the only option. Fiona’s alternate theory — the holodeck idea* — can fit this same general model, with just a few tweaks.

Of course, this isn’t the only explanation for anomalous EMF surges, tinnitus, and so on.

In addition, there may be more signs or markers — audio, visual, or other — indicating the “thin points” between realities.

*Holodeck variation: The idea that we’re actually in a holodeck, similar to the recreational holodecks in the Star Trek TV series. If so, the alternate reality we’re close to (literally or metaphorically) could actually be the main reality we live in ( but have temporarily forgotten for a richer holodeck experience), or one or more nearby holodecks.