This is the new hub for Fiona Broome’s paranormal research.

Fiona BroomeIn October 2014, Fiona and her staff began the reboot of this website to include more kinds of paranormal research.

(Back in 1999, that was the original intent of this site. Now — with ghost hunting in transition — this seemed like a good time to redesign Hollow Hill with fresh content.)

In January 2015, this became Fiona’s official hub for all of her books and media. Website revisions are still in progress, but you’ll find many new articles and photos. (ETA for the formal site launch: mid-January 2015.)

Over 500 of Fiona’s original ghost hunting articles are still online — and new articles are being added — at Ghosts101.com.

A brief history

Fiona Broome’s first ghost-related website was “Yankee Haunts,” focusing on early American haunted locations.

Several years later, in 1999, she launched Hollow Hill. The name referenced paranormal legends of Ireland and the British Isles in general.  However, most readers wanted more ghost information, so the focus of the site slowly shifted,   and replaced the Yankee Haunts site.

By late 2013, it was clear that this website — with over 600 unique, original articles — was too large to navigate. Readers couldn’t find the information they wanted.

Early in 2014, those articles moved to Ghosts101.com, a domain Fiona had previously used for her most basic ghost hunting articles.  That website is divided into sections for easier navigation.

One of Fiona’s most popular books, Is Your House Haunted? is still free and available at The Authors Club.

Many more of Fiona’s freebies are listed at the Downloads page at Ghosts101.com and in her Other Resources section at FionaBroome.com.